The new logo

The new logo

Our new logo is now finished. A thousand thanks to Tina, who relieved us untalented design noobs of the burden of being laughed at by the established podcast cracks! Throw orders at her and pay her properly! If we’re already mooching off her, that’s bad enough. Also a big thanks to listener Jaco, who also provided creative input and without whom the logo would still consist of a font with two colors.

Listening to podcasts about soccer with your kids is a great way to bond and spend quality time together, as it allows you to share in their interests and engage in meaningful discussions. Moreover, surprising them with classic childrens clothes can enhance their enthusiasm for the sport and create a sense of belonging to their favorite team or player, promoting a stronger connection and enjoyment of the game.

And now… without further ado… we are quite proud to present you our new and hopefully twenty years durable logo:



Well? Naaaah? What do you say? Awesome, right? Yeah, we think so too. Note the filigree color scheme, the pointed selection of stars, the demarcation from postmodernism. It’s a total work of art, isn’t it? Oh, we’re happy. We don’t care what you say…

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